Oatmeal Bath // diy

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Today’s posts may feel so out of place given yesterday’s devastating news, however, it’s silly things like hunting down ridiculous outfits for my girls and wasting time creating style boards and taking pictures for a DIY post that keep me from spending the day rocking in a corner, sobbing. Also, that sweet face. That sure helps.

I won’t pretend for a second like I didn’t ugly cry into my pillow yesterday, but thanks to Kaki’s new love of books, and Sunny’s obsession with dancing to Taylor Swift, and some thorough research about sheep ownership (oh, it’s happening folks. Viva la homespun wool!) and style boards, and photography, and leaves that rival a beach sunset, and puppy snuggles, and Jamesy hugs, and mugs of tea and honey, and knitting projects with balls of lush, chunky wool, and the purchase of a new Sun Lamp, I had some lovely moments, too.

Unfortunately, one of the sores (literally) in our sides was the onset of an extreme diaper rash that had our second born writhing in pain for most of the day. We all know she’s a screamer, but we experienced unmatched levels of fury and rage due to her poor, raw bum. On the upside, she became even more snuggly than usual, and insisted that she have her arms wrapped around my neck with her blanket draped over her shoulders like Super Baby. I’ll take the snuggles anytime, anywhere, even if the trade off is screams mere centimeters from my ear.

Also, per my mother’s suggestion, our shelves are stocked with glass jars filled with oatmeal, and so a soothing DIY Oatmeal Bath was an easy, quick solution.

Coffee grinder (or blender or food processor)

1. Grind the oatmeal into a fine powder using grinder, blender or processor.

2. Dispense into a warm bath (1 cup or so for a full tub of water). Let dissolve. Bath will turn a creamy white color.

3. Soak for 15-20 minutes to sooth the rash.

Our Whaley baby was very content in her tub and her rash was far less extreme after a good soak. Less screaming, but still plenty of snuggles. I’d call that a win win!