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Silver Lake


James and I spent a truly gorgeous weekend up in New Hampshire celebrating the marriage of a dear college friend. Her family’s summer house is situated on this magnificent lake where we swam and boated and celebrated and took many a scenic photo. James and I were trusted to photograph the nuptials, and another college friend officiated, so needless to say, it was a very personal, emotional, feeling-filled 72 hours.

And now I’m off to Sweden for more happy, love-filled celebrations. My cup runneth over…



Hej Då


While I am incredibly excited to be headed back to Sweden to celebrate the marriage of LasseMaja, I am going to miss these faces dearly. James and the girls are staying on the farm, and Kimmy and I are headed on a ten day sister adventure. We haven’t travelled, just the two of us, in almost a decade. Needless to say, I’m thrilled! I know everyone’s in great hands under James’ care, and I am looking forward to exploring Stockholm and the Archipelago during the summer months. And of course venturing to Dalsland for Maja and Lars’ nuptials, complete with sauna and limitless sunlight.

Trevlig resa!

BG 1 // 2014


Some pictures of our first trip of 2014 to the Poconos, a place near and dear to James’ heart. Lazy days by the lake are a favorite.







^^A moody, misty morning spent teaching Gladdy to swim.^^



^^We dropped Sunny off at Junior Club (the club’s summer camp for children age 5-12), and while the above photo may suggest otherwise, she did indeed enjoy herself. In fact, she’ll spend a week or two with just Ghillie and Ranger later this summer so that she can go to camp full time, she enjoyed it so much. But, mornings are hard. And she is her mother’s daughter.^^



^^James and I enjoyed some one-on-one time with our youngest while Sunny was at camp. Courtland desperately wanted to be a lily pad. And the beauty of that desire nearly split my heart in two.^^


^^ On Saturday morning, Sunny participated in the 4th of July track meet. And she hated the potato sack race…^^


^^ I mean, really loathed everything about it…^^




^^But she sure did love winning a ribbon for her slow but steady approach to the egg race.^^





^^On Saturday night, we dressed in our twirliest of dresses (and blazers?) and enjoyed a night of dancing and fun. And we couldn’t resist the opportunity to nab a few family portraits. We’re looking forward to many more BG adventures later this summer.^^

Independence Day // 2014

We spent the 4th of July in Philadelphia (how apt) with James’ mom’s family. James’ grandfather had all of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in the same place, at the same time. A special occasion indeed.

We then drove to James’ parents’ lake cabin in the Poconos to enjoy the rest of the weekend, complete with sparklers. I promise that the photos make their use look far more dangerous than it was IRL. Festive outfits were worn. Ice cream was consumed. Life was as it should be on America’s Birthday.

4thofjuly2014_blogalacart-18 copy


^^Outfit courtesy of my ’80s childhood.^^


4thofjuly2014_blogalacart-21 copy


^^We spent the afternoon attempting to fly a kite with the extended family.^^


^^I don’t even know what to say about James’ outfit. Did he tell you that those pants can convert into shorts at the zip of a zipper? Welcome to my life!^^


4thofjuly2014_blogalacart-321 copy



Kindergarten (Camp)

This week, Sunny has been attending Kindergarten Camp, a program offered by her new school to orient all the Kindergarteners to their teacher, their classmates, their classroom, their school, the bus route, etc. It’s a thoughtful effort to help prepare the kids (and staff) for the big transition this fall.

Sunny has been riding the bus, and eating in the cafeteria, and playing on the swing set, and learning in the classroom that she’ll call her own come September. James and I have been so happy (and relieved) to see how readily she’s taken to the change, how excited she is to spend time with her new “friends,” and how disappointed she is each day at 12:30 when the camp ends and we bring her to her “old school.” This is only a half day program, though she’ll go full days this September, and it’s exciting to see how ready she is for that change.

When I met the bus on Wednesday afternoon, I stood eagerly waiting for Sunny’s appearance on the bus steps while the driver summoned her forth.

Sunny, it’s your stop.

C’mon, Sunny, your mom’s waiting.

Suuuunny, let’s go sweetie.

She finally appeared with a huge grin spread wide across her face and bounded down the steps. When asked what had caused the delay, she merrily responded, “Mama, I had to give all my new friends hugs goodbye.”

And I wiped a very joyful tear from my cheek.





“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Sunny: She waited all day to finally explode her DIY “cracker” in celebration of America’s birthday.
Kaki: “Mama, I want to be a lily pad.”

More details about The 52 Project here. To view all the portraits in the series visit here.

Purple Hair Don’t Care


For this year’s Reunion, I took some style tips from Madame Mim and dyed my hair purple. Jen, my stylist from Salon 290, did such a great job giving me a touch of violet without it being too dramatic or tacky. It has faded away by now, but my how I did enjoy the change. There aren’t too many lines of work where one can claim purple hair as a perk of the job.



Many thanks to Momar for the Marimekko dress and Kimmy for those perfect purple Hunter boots!

Gladdy’s First Swim

Yes, I am documenting slash borderline memorializing our dog’s inaugural swim. If you’ve ever owned a water dog, you’d understand. And the rest of you, well I saw your eyeballs hit the back of your heads with that roll. I’m on to you!

Gladdy is nearly a year old, but this past weekend was her first opportunity to really learn to swim in an open and deep body of water. While we have ponds and streams near our house in which she’s delighted flopping, and she drinks water by standing with both front paws in the bowl and submerging her face, we had yet to see her put those webbed feet to proper use.

It took about 24 hours for her to get comfortable with the idea of having her feet not touching the ground. While she proved that she COULD swim, it wasn’t until day 2 when we brought one of James’ parents’ Black Labs down to the lake that she finally understood the joy of the life aquatic. While she’s still hesitant to jump off the dock, I have no doubt that by Labor Day, she’ll be staging her own version of Ursa’s Super Dog Dives.

And oh my goodness, I love how excited our entire family, especially the girls, were by her growing water confidence. Just listen to Sunny and Kaki’s exclamations!

Whaley Sisters

We’re spending the holiday weekend with James’ family by the lake. Gladdy will have her inaugural swim, and they’ll s’mores and sparklers and swimming swimming swimming galore.

I couldn’t resist sharing thess images of our Whaley girls in their whale ensembles. Many thanks to Momar and Auntie Dev for outfitting them so appropriately! (And yes, that flower head band is incredible. Thank you, Auntie Kimmy!)






Currently Reading

The message is simple: whatever you are doing in public, drop it to move to a private area. Shopping? Return to your vehicle. At a remote park? Find an abandoned train car. Think about others.

This article had me laughing and yet cringing from its spot-on, honest, scathing analysis of breastfeeding in the U.S. Do give it a read.  Many thanks to FGM G for putting it on my radar! (It took me back to this post from my early days breastfeeding Sunny. Five years ago this month! Oh I shall never forget that adventure to the Huntington Gardens in L.A. I wish I had had more confidence to just breastfeed her at the table during tea time rather than hide in a public restroom over a toilet seat.)