Dip-Dyed Bamboo Utensils

by Ashley Weeks Cart

This is one of the projects I tackled for the baby shower. I was taken with the idea of using disposable bamboo utensils, but unwilling to fork out the dough for the pretty painted versions I kept spotting ’round the Interwebs. Enter: DIY Dip-Dyed Bamboo Utensils.

I purchased them in bulk from here. $5.50 for 100 forks? Yes please! Then I selected three small vessels of acrylic paint in the party’s color palette, and during an evening watching marathon episodes of “The Tudors,” I made 30 forks and 30 spoons for the festivities (10 of each color).

Acrylic paint
Painters tape
Bamboo utensils
Paint brush


1. Using the painter’s tape, wrap the paint around the stem of the utensil as far up as you’d like the color to go.

2. Paint a layer of paint on one side. Allow to dry, flip over and paint the other side. If you’d like a more saturated hue, apply a second coat of paint. Once fully dry, remove tape.

3. In order to keep the line relatively consistent for each utensil, I layered them on top of one another as I applied the tape.

4. In review, tape, paint, dry, remove, VOILA!

I realize that this isn’t proper dip-dying, but I would have used a lot more paint and it would have been far more difficult to control the process if I had. But the final effect is pretty dang close, eh?

Photos & Tutorial: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart