How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Last Sunday I snapped some pix of Sunny disguised in a mound of bedding.

We know. We have an astounding amount of bedding for a household consisting of only two adult sized beds.


In the wake of James’ illness (which he had again this Saturday, ugh…) I wanted to impose some productivity on the weekend and accomplish this much-needed organizational task.

Fortunately, when it comes to linens, James is an organizational master.

He’s the sexiest fitted bed sheet folder I know…

And excel-sheet maker…

Apparently, when it comes to all things sheets, he’s a genius.

These photos garnered quite the response on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Many people requested a blow-by-blow video of how to fold a fitted sheet so that it could be mistaken as a flat sheet.

Well, ask, and ye shall receive!

The key tools here are your pointer fingers. You use those two appendages to find the proper corners of the fitted sheet and fold the part of the sheet that hugs the sides of the bed in on itself.

Here’s a more thorough video showcasing the process:

And may I recommend the brilliant tip of storing your bedding in one of the pillows of the set? I may! This is a trick that my mother-in-law taught James, and it is a brilliant way to keep all of the bedding in one place.

James suggested attaching index cards to each pillow case describing the contents within. We had an abundance of clothespins available and used those as fasteners.

We then stacked all the bedding in big tupperware bins and affixed detailed excel sheets to the top of each bin outlining the bedding within.

Man, I love that James is particularly OCD when it comes to linens. I feel so organized (for once).

So, questions? Do you think you too can now fold a fitted sheet a la a flat sheet? Turning this…

Into this…

Photos & Video: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart