Hemp String Gardening Pot

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Below is one of the very easy crafts that we tackled while at The Clark Art Institute’s family day festivities. I call it: DIY Hemp String Gardening Pot. Clever, I know.

Gardening pot
Hemp string
Elmer’s Glue

Directions: This is as straight forward as it looks, which is why it’s a perfect craft for kids. Simply paint a pattern on the pot using a Q-Tip covered in some Elmer’s glue. Then lay the hemp string along the glue markings. Cut the string as needed. Allow glue to dry. Throw in some potting soil and a plant, and voila! You’ve spruced up just a boring ol’ gardening pot.

Sunny and I kept her pot’s design simple as a toddler’s attention span is brief. We wrote her name along the top edge, and then added a heart and simply wrapped some hemp around the center.