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Month: January, 2011


Our budding pianist. Who loves her Auntie dearly.

Apologies for James’ booming voice in the background. I rarely get to say that, as ‘booming’ is typically reserved for moi, so let me have this moment.

The District.

After a five day stint in Our Nation’s Capital, I have returned to the wintry north and am buckling down for yet another foot of snow (to top off the 2 feet already on the ground).

Way to ease us back into New England living, Williamstown.

It was a whirlwind trip southward to slushy snow and a city that panics and completely shuts down when confronted with even the threat of flurries (kind of like LA in rain). Besides being trapped in a cab for 2 hours to cover all of 2 miles of ground, and was $50 poorer as a result, the trip was splendid. Splendidly exhausting.

I was surrounded by some of the brightest, most thoughtful, wonderful people I’ve ever met. I laughed so hard my cheeks ached for days. I slumber partied with girl friend’s in a hotel that chose abstract boobie fabric as their decor of choice*.  I saw some of my favorite people in the Universe. And, I celebrated happy milestones that dear friends are marking. The late-20s is a joyous time in one’s life indeed.

I missed Sunny terribly, and demanded hourly photos and videos to keep up on her constant progress. I returned home to a child that can string together 4-5 word sentences, that has an almost obsessive routine for how she feeds the dogs each morning and evening, that learned to build forts, that now twirls her body around quickly in an effort to fall and shriek, “BOOP! SUNNY FALL DOWN!” and cackle hysterically at her own antics, and that requests to be held while we dance so that she can nuzzle into our shoulder while we sway.

Good thing I was gone for only 5 days or she’d have totally adapted to life without Mommy.

Just look at all I missed:

Now I must sleep, because I am deprived, plus my thyroid levels are low which just add to the already constant exhaustion of pregnancy. Sesame Seed, take it easy on those hormones. Please. Mommy would like all of her organs working properly.

*See photo for proof. Note: That dress was my grandmother’s. She was purdy hip, no?


If you haven’t seen this series, you must.

Well… hop to it!

Photo: Copyright ©Adele Enersen

Triumphs in Potty Training. I’m using the term triumph here loosely.

As I’ve mentioned, Sunny received a potty for Christmas and we’ve been incorporating this new addition to the household into her routine. It’s seated prominently next to the adult potty that James and I most frequent among our excessive three bathrooms. As you have zero privacy when living with a toddler, we’ve tried to encourage her to sit on her potty when she barges into the bathroom while James or I are occupying the adult toilet.

James has even taken to peeing sitting down to make the experience less jarring for Addison. More relatable. Now if that ain’t love…

At first she would have nothing to do with it. Then she was interested enough to force her stuffed animals to potty. She built up the courage to sit on it with diaper still covering her bottom, and then last week, while James was away, I got her to actually sit on it, stark naked, for more than a 5 second period of time without screams of terror and protest.

You should have seen the display of jubilation I exhibited. All over a bare baby bum on a plastic toilet.

Parenthood is so very humbling.

That same day, when we headed into the bathroom for her nightly bath, Sunny sprinted ahead of me nude, which is common practice. She is allowed to run, or gallop (as that is a new favorite mode of transporting her person from point A. to B.), from her bedroom to our bathroom sans culottes. The vision of those bare buns galloping through our household coupled with squeals of utter delight is sure to ruin her life at some meal with her future crush when I regale the table with stories of these positively adorable, ridiculous, childhood behaviors.

The downside to this unrestrained nudity is always the risk of accident. When she reached the bathroom, she turned and cried, PEE PEE PEE! as she relieved herself all over the bath mat. I tried to not shriek in horror, and instead calmly encourage her to sit on the potty like an ever-so-nurturing mother (even though the flood of urine had already been thoroughly expelled, much to Hanna’s delight and my disgust). She did sit, but no further pee came.

Bath time continued on, and as she sat splashing in the tub I began to see bubbles rising to the surface of the water. I asked her if she was tooting and if she needed to poop. She did her matter-of-fact, “No,” and went back to playing. I saw the bubbles rise again, and yet again encouraged her to sit on the potty. She refused.

Fast forward five minutes: She suddenly flipped to her belly and struck downward facing dog with her butt straight in the air. And there’s a turtle head poking out (said in the most crass and disgusting Fast Bastard voice).

Of course there was.

As the first terd fell from her elevated bum and splashed into the bath, I yanked her from the tub and threw her soaking wet, mid-bowel movement body on the potty. I thought she’d instantly tense up and be unable to finish, but with much cheering and clapping, she managed to complete her first proper #2 in the toilet.

I then realized that I had to dispose of the terds in the potty and the one floating menacingly in the tub.

And of course James was out of town. Of course he was.

And I had to dispose of them while staying positive and excited about that dripping wet baby’s accomplishment.

YAY POOPIE! YAY POTTY! Flush the poopie. Wipe the bummie! YAY!!!! *clap clap clap*

Need I say again that parenthood is so very humbling.

I wish I could report a repeat instance of potty use, but alas, this is the only tale I have to tell. But it’s a pretty good one. If by good, I mean gross and parental.

But we sure have watched the shit outta this Elmo potty training video. God I’m clever.


My coworker’s thermometer read -30 degrees F this morning.

That would be NEGATIVE, as in LESS THAN ZERO, as in WE COULD FREEZE HELL OVER, – 30 degrees.

Since when did I live in Canada?


Drawing has become a part of our daily routine.

Mama with the art degree is one happy mama.


It’d be crazy to get another puppy 6 months before having another baby, right?

Thank goodness for Ali, our friends’ newest family member, who is filling that niche without the Cart household having to acquire a pack of black dogs.

Hanna is one happy pup with this new playmate.

Ursa just wants us to throw the damn tennis ball already.


1-2-3 COOKIES!

(We may have introduced the magic of dipping Oreos in milk. Her life is forever changed. For the better.)


Playing in the dance studio. Heavenly.

Photos: Courtesy of Kate Drew Miller Photography

Month 2

Long-Sleeve Slit Neck Tree Tee and Long Versatility Pant by be present

Not much to show from the side, yet. YET being the operative word. That little bit of pounch could very well be breakfast, but it’s far more adorable to say it’s the Sesame Seed, so let’s go with that, shall we? Also, these pants make my butt look adorable. James concurs. I love these pants.

But not nearly as much as I love this shirt. The Slit Neck Tree Tee. My new biffle. It’s suitable for just about every occasion, and I’ve really been driving that point home this week. It’s the most comfortable, stretchy, glorious tee, and will easily accommodate that ever-changing belly for months to come. Lounge wear. PJs. Exercise clothing. A quick trip to the store. Under a blazer at work. I kid you not, I’ve found ways to incorporate it into just about every outfit I’ve worn this week. I’m a sucker for extra long sleeves, so this item easily jumped to the top of my wardrobe rotation when its sleeves came grazing down past my wrists. Swoon!

James had to demand I remove it from my person after spin class yesterday, when it was spotted with sweat stains and carrying the aura of my B.O. I fought his demands, but ultimately caved when the stench got too much for even myself to bear. Le sigh. I will miss you Slit Tree Tee. Until laundry day comes, I shall miss you!

Pregnancy hormones are brutal on one’s balance. We’ll see how long I’m able to successfully hold this pose while continuing to showcase my Blue Steel face. (That’s actually a look of utmost concentration and desperation to hold still, but it’s very Zoolander).

I still feel like I am perpetually hungover, and am so looking forward to a time where I don’t feel on the verge of slumber every single moment, of every single day. Gestating is exhausting, y’all. And nauseating. I wish I had something more squishy, and adorable, and precious to report, but sadly, the 1st trimester is not the most exciting of times. I’m focusing on getting through it in the hopes that the nausea and constant tiredness subside when I hit the 2nd trimester. PLEASE OH PLEASE! They did with Addison, so I am holding out hope that that is the case.

My greatest focus this month has been on that sweet first born. The realization that these are the last months of her life as an only child have hit me hard, and I am trying to take it all in. Right now, she can be the center of my universe, without any interruptions or distractions (aside from the occasional afternoon nap; and yes, that would be me napping, not her.) We can snuggle, and read books, and play make believe with her stuffed animals, and feed the dogs, and splash in the tub, and color, and do all those wonderfully simple things that define childhood, with all my attention directed her way. It’s crazy to think that I’ll be a mother of two come summer, and while I know it will bring more joy than I can even imagine, and that a younger sibling will be such a magical gift for Sunny, I am trying to soak up these days of simplicity. I am trying to cherish this time where it can be just me and her, together. I am trying to be present.*


*See? I told you that be present was the perfect brand for this project.

**Do you want to win the super awesome Slit Tree Tee that I’m wearing?!? Of course you do! Jump on over to Green Eyed Monster to enter!

***Photos: Courtesy of Kate Drew Miller Photography
I cannot thank Kate enough for taking on this project with me. She rocks. Truly.

****Clothes: Courtesy of be present
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