Month 2

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Long-Sleeve Slit Neck Tree Tee and Long Versatility Pant by be present

Not much to show from the side, yet. YET being the operative word. That little bit of pounch could very well be breakfast, but it’s far more adorable to say it’s the Sesame Seed, so let’s go with that, shall we? Also, these pants make my butt look adorable. James concurs. I love these pants.

But not nearly as much as I love this shirt. The Slit Neck Tree Tee. My new biffle. It’s suitable for just about every occasion, and I’ve really been driving that point home this week. It’s the most comfortable, stretchy, glorious tee, and will easily accommodate that ever-changing belly for months to come. Lounge wear. PJs. Exercise clothing. A quick trip to the store. Under a blazer at work. I kid you not, I’ve found ways to incorporate it into just about every outfit I’ve worn this week. I’m a sucker for extra long sleeves, so this item easily jumped to the top of my wardrobe rotation when its sleeves came grazing down past my wrists. Swoon!

James had to demand I remove it from my person after spin class yesterday, when it was spotted with sweat stains and carrying the aura of my B.O. I fought his demands, but ultimately caved when the stench got too much for even myself to bear. Le sigh. I will miss you Slit Tree Tee. Until laundry day comes, I shall miss you!

Pregnancy hormones are brutal on one’s balance. We’ll see how long I’m able to successfully hold this pose while continuing to showcase my Blue Steel face. (That’s actually a look of utmost concentration and desperation to hold still, but it’s very Zoolander).

I still feel like I am perpetually hungover, and am so looking forward to a time where I don’t feel on the verge of slumber every single moment, of every single day. Gestating is exhausting, y’all. And nauseating. I wish I had something more squishy, and adorable, and precious to report, but sadly, the 1st trimester is not the most exciting of times. I’m focusing on getting through it in the hopes that the nausea and constant tiredness subside when I hit the 2nd trimester. PLEASE OH PLEASE! They did with Addison, so I am holding out hope that that is the case.

My greatest focus this month has been on that sweet first born. The realization that these are the last months of her life as an only child have hit me hard, and I am trying to take it all in. Right now, she can be the center of my universe, without any interruptions or distractions (aside from the occasional afternoon nap; and yes, that would be me napping, not her.) We can snuggle, and read books, and play make believe with her stuffed animals, and feed the dogs, and splash in the tub, and color, and do all those wonderfully simple things that define childhood, with all my attention directed her way. It’s crazy to think that I’ll be a mother of two come summer, and while I know it will bring more joy than I can even imagine, and that a younger sibling will be such a magical gift for Sunny, I am trying to soak up these days of simplicity. I am trying to cherish this time where it can be just me and her, together. I am trying to be present.*


*See? I told you that be present was the perfect brand for this project.

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***Photos: Courtesy of Kate Drew Miller Photography
I cannot thank Kate enough for taking on this project with me. She rocks. Truly.

****Clothes: Courtesy of be present
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