Button Bouquet

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Love enlivening your home with flecks of color from a vibrant bouquet of flowers, but find yourself devastated when it whithers in barely a week’s time? With today’s DIY Wednesday you don’t have to worry about such floral demise. Just scrounge up a bowl of stray buttons and get to crafting! Soon enough your home will be abloom with a cheerful bouquet!

Stash of colorful buttons
Green floral wire
Wire cutters or sturdy scissors

1. Select 4-5 buttons to stack together to create your “flower.”
2. Using wire cutters, cut a piece of wire that when doubled over is the height of the flower that you want to create.
3. Fold the wire in half.
4. Slide buttons onto the wire. The first button on the wire will be the button at the top of your flower.
5. Once buttons are slid to the top of the wire, twist the wire pieces together to make the “stem.”
6. Create as many as you’d like, and assemble your bouquet!

Here’s to flowers that will stay vibrant and lively, and won’t attract friends of the stinging-variety.

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart