Santas and Elves and M&Ms, oh my!

by Ashley Weeks Cart


This spread of Santa and Elf jars is headed to the girls’ schools tomorrow to spread some holiday cheer. This was a really cute and age appropriate DIY for the kids. Over the course of two evenings, they sorted M&Ms into green and red piles, and then divided them into 20 different mason jars so that every conceivable teacher was accounted for. James and I sat back and enjoyed some egg nog by the wood stove as they busied themselves. They made extensive lists of who should receive a jar, including school nurses, and bus drivers, and cafeteria cooks. I printed out tags and Sunny wrote out each of the teachers names. They needed some help tying the tags on the jars and adding the flair, but it was definitely a nice change of pace to have so much of the project executed, without adult assistance, by the kids themselves. They’re learning the joy of not just receiving gifts, but of being on the gifting side of the equation. masonjarxmas_blogalacart-3