This. Is. 32.

by Ashley Weeks Cart


If James and I are to consider the purchase of the new Prius our anniversary gift to ourselves (I feel like such an adult with two fully functional vehicles produced within the past three years), then these window shades are James’ birthday gift.

We are officially grown-ups, with the installation of black out shades and dependable vehicle ownership as the hallmarks of this new phase of our lives. We’d installed first in the girls’ redesigned bedroom, and then in the Closest-Slash-Office-Turned-Nursery (as we prepare our compact living accommodations for Cart Baby #3). The final step was to complete installation in all bedrooms, so both the guest room and our bedroom received new shades for “James’ Birthday.” This has actually revolutionized sleeping in both bedrooms, as these rooms have skylights, and given that our bed sits directly under one of these skylights, we’d become accustomed to rising with the sun (or just being disturbed with the sun and then grumbling at the morning light). To be able to turn the rooms into cozy darkness any time of day (especially with my fierce 1st trimester nap needs) is remarkable. James and I have both been sleeping so much better, and these shades are insulated, so they helped keep the heat out during the last heat wave, and will keep our house much warmer this winter. And they look pretty darn great in each room.

Winning all around.





And the animal print guest room (unsure how that theme arose, but apparently we had plenty of animal print on hand with which to decorate).




Purchased from We used the top down/bottom up, cordless, black out shades in CANVAS in our bedroom with the skylight shade in CANVAS as well. And we used the color LATTE in the guest room.