Snowflake Ballerinas

by Ashley Weeks Cart






We had a wonderful, snowy Thanksgiving, complete with Friday morning’s 2nd Annual Pie Breakfast with family, friends and neighbors. On Saturday, we ventured down the street to the local Christmas tree farm and got to decorating Cartwheel Farm for the upcoming season. My favorite addition to this year’s decor had to be these snowflake ballerinas. So elegant. So simple. So very lovely. Kimmy made an array of gorgeous paper snowflakes (see this video for her tutorial on how to obtain the ideal paper snowflake. It’s also embedded below.) and then we slid the snowflakes on ballerina silhouettes. (Download three here, here and here). I would recommend using heavier card stock for the ballerina silhouettes, and standard printer paper for the snowflakes.

I used clear fishing wire and Scotch tape to hang them around the house.