Simple Skirts

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Sunday morning, Sunny and I headed to Tine’s house. You see, I need moral support when I sew, SO in order to complete my monthly remake for My Mother’s Attic, I’ve taken to hibernating at Justine’s (as she is a woman that knows her way around a sewing machine). It helps that Sunny and Justine are a part of The Mutual Admiration Society. While I’m sewing, they eat popcorn and watch movies and build puzzles and generally delight in one another’s company. I sit in the other room cursing the sewing machine whenever it doesn’t do what I want. Which is frequently. And with much gusto.

Before we departed, Sunny dug through a pile of scrap fabric Justine had on hand and decided that she would like to take home some pieces featuring Monster Trucks and Construction scenes. They were teeny tiny and I was unsure how she expected them to be used. She informed me that I was to make clothes for her baby dolls with them.


When we arrived home, she headed upstairs for nap, and since I was in the sewing-zone, I decided to surprise her by trying my hand at this baby-doll-clothing-request. I’d seen this Simple Skirt tutorial over on Dana’s blog and it looked like a good place to start. I can’t even tell you how satisfying it was to complete two little skirts during Sunny’s 1.5 hour nap. When she emerged in the kitchen post-nap, Bitty Baby was bedecked in a Construction Scene skirt and Wallace was in the Monster Trucks. She determined that Gromit was more deserving of the Monster Trucks, so she swapped the outfits and I don’t think she’s put these two down since. She was thrilled with the result and now I’ve got Valentine’s Day projects brewing for the girls inspired by this tutorial. I now see why this sewing thing is so addicting. Uh oh… more crafty, time sucking goodness in my life.