For the Makers

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Have you all heard of For the Makers? No? Well, if you’re of the DIY persuasion then, you’re welcome!

Kimmy once again clued her clueless older sister into this awesomeness. Essentially, it’s a subscription service for monthly boxes of crafty goodness. Each box is filled with materials for four projects, complete with lovely water color illustrations, and blow-by-blow tutorials. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the projects are on trend and really really unique.

The lovely ladies at FTM HQ shipped me a couple boxes to test drive and they certainly didn’t disappoint. I made this earring holder, these three pairs of earrings, this bracelet, this bracelet AND this bracelet, this key ring and I’ve still got candles, needle point and hair combs to tackle. Also, the earring holder kicked my butt in gear to finally organize my overflowing array of baubles and pretties. Double win!

And best of all, For the Makers will be supplying all of our CAMERA READY students with their own surprise boxes. Kate and I have some fun plans for these projects in class. Please join us and sign up here!

And, here’s a look at my completed projects from the weekend.

forthemakers-blogalacart-3 copy