Popcorn Garland

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Oh my gracious, goshess! (Sunny’s mixed up hybrid of “oh my goodness gracious” and “oh my gosh” which I will never correct because it is the most adorable thing ever – who cares if my kid speaks in mixed metaphors. It’s like my Swedish friend Maja’s phrases “I am cracking down!” and “It is out of this control!” – another two phrases I shall never correct and quote frequently.)

Fin Tangent.

With all that being said – POPCORN ON A TREE!

As promised, I made a popcorn garland for our tree at Sunny’s urgings. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to blow her mind, again, by the presence of popped corn on a conifer.

We glitzed it up a little thanks to a can of silver spray paint and some sparkly colored sequins. Here’s the blow by blow.

Popcorn kernels
Brown paper sandwich bag
Fishing line or thread
Embellishments (sequins, beads, cranberries, etc.)
Spray paint in desired color

1. Pour 1/4 c. of popcorn kernels in a brown paper lunch bag, fold down the top two or three times, throw in the microwave and pop for 2-3 minutes. Listen for when the kernels pop more then 3-4 seconds apart. Then the bag is done.

2. Dump popcorn into bowl and allow to cool. If desired, spray with spray paint once cooled. I sprayed outside on an old brown paper grocery bag.

3. Using a needle threaded on some clear fishing line, pierce the popcorn and thread onto the line. I interspersed sequins between each piece of popcorn.

4. Keep threading until the strand reaches your desired length.

To entertain Sunny during the project, I set her up with some yarn, a plastic tapestry needle, and some pony beads and let her strand the beads onto the yarn so that she could mimic what I was doing but in a much more child-friendly way.

5. Drap the garland on your tree or from your mantle and enjoy!