Lisa & Seth

by Ashley Weeks Cart

In an effort to expand my photography skills, I did this engagement shoot for a fellow Eph/Eph couple that is slated to be married in 2013. I thought I’d share my favorites from the morning with all of you. We had a wonderful time running all around snapping photographs at some of the couple’s favorite places on campus. What’s your favorite image? It’d be really helpful to know what’s resonating with you!

Also, I have a much better appreciation for how difficult and TIRING it is to be a photographer. I only took pictures for two hours, and I came home completely exhausted. Inspired. But exhausted. It’s not easy, friends. Not at all. A very important lesson indeed.

That being said, I still have so SO much to learn, so hey, if you’re willing to let me use your images publicly (like so) and are willing to risk working with a amateur and are located in (or near) the Berkshires, shoot me an email. Let me take your picture (for a stupidly inexpensive rate) and James can even compile it into one of his amazing slideshows (like so).