Googley-Eyed Pumpkins // diy

by Ashley Weeks Cart

We’re heading into the final weekend before Halloween. This is the first year that Sunny has been super super excited about the holiday. She keeps demanding that I take her to Halloween. And I keep explaining that Halloween is a day, not a place.

So we’ve been doing arts and crafts and planning our costumes to pass the time until the big event. I will do a post devoted to the kids costumes next week, but the decision was based solely on Addison’s love of a red fleece cape that my mother gave her. There were only so many options – any guesses? And Courtland has a coordinating character to go along with big sister.

In the meantime, they’re getting their glow-in-the-dark skeleton on.

Since I tackled this DIY while solo parenting, I wanted to keep mess and skill to a minimum. All we needed was some glue and some googley eyes, and BOOM! A creepy, googley-eyed pumpkin was made!

Glue (we used Mod Podge)

1. Paint pumpkin with glue.

2. Stick googley-eyes on pumpkin in the arrangement you desire.

3. Let dry.

Crazy easy, eh? These little guys are sure to give Trick-or-Treaters the heebie jeebies! It would be cool to do this project on a larger pumpkin and try completely coating the surface in eyes. Much like theseĀ Louboutin heels, but $1,590 less expensive.

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