Around the Farm // 8

by Ashley Weeks Cart

To honor Gil’s life, we spent yesterday afternoon playing in the golden September sunlight and digging in the dirt and running through the grass and soaking up the perfect fall day. I’ve been itching to capture some live video of the girls (human, canine and fowl) on Cartwheel Farm, and the crystal blue sky and painted autumn leaves gave me the necessary jolt of inspiration.

Also, my newly acquired video skills thanks to Blogshop needed to be put to the test. I still have so much to learn when it comes to shooting and editing video, but I’m excited to incorporate moving images into this blog’s narrative. It adds a whole new dimension to the stories I’m trying to tell. This is anĀ Around the Farm post in motion rather than told through still photography.

And yes, I realize that this song has been overdone but given my recent attachment to home as a theme, a place, and a state of being, I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate. Also? How amazing is our three-legged wonder dog? She hasn’t slowed down one bit. And, with recent happenings as a stark reminder, we’re enjoying every moment we have with her.

What do you think? Do you like? Does it give you a new perspective on life around the farm? Can you believe I used Photoshop to compile the entire video? Pretty cool!

And with that being said, this video and post are my entry in the Blogshop Photoshop contest. I’m going to need my own copy of Photoshop CS6 if I’m ever going to get a hang of this video thing and share more animated visuals of our life in Vermont.