Designer Duct Tape

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Santa’s workshop is set up chez Cart, and now it’s time to dive in and get to wrapping. One of my favorite materials to use as wrapping paper is brown paper grocery bags. And this year, I have stacks of my daughter’s artwork from preschool that I can also repurpose as wrapping paper.

Now, in terms of trimmings for said wrappings, I usually opt for ribbon and twine, but this year I was sent a pack of Designer Duct Tape and I’ve become a junkie for the stuff. We all know duct tape is the standard fix-it-all. My husband swears by the stuff. The fact that I can now use it as decorative accents is just pure awesome.

Here’s how I adorned an array of gifts, including some shipping boxes, for this year’s holiday.

I even tackled an enormous box that arrived for me and James that we were instructed to not open until Xmas. Rather than stare at a brown box under the tree for the next two weeks, I decided to gussy it up with some duct tape.

You can nab the tape in 14 different patterns here.

I’m also scheming of ways to make ornaments, garlands, even duct-tape wrapped pencils for stocking stuffers with the leftover rolls. Here’s a video to really kick start your creations!