Baby Sock Advent Calendar

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Happy December! Happy advent calendar! Because, to be honest, that’s my favorite part of the Christmas season, turning back a flap of the calendar each day of the month to reveal a fun surprise. Ah the simple pleasures and joys of the holidays!

To keep up this tradition chez Cart, I decided to merge my love of the advent calendar and tiny baby tootsies. I had accumulated a pile of now-too-small baby clothes, and among the heap was a slew of itty bitty baby socks. I’m such a sucker for baby socks and shoes and decided that rather than pack them away, I should repurpose them to enjoy for years to come. Thus, the Baby Sock Advent Calendar was born.

I simply selected 12 pairs of socks and ironed fabric transfers with numbers 1-24 onto each one. The font I used is called Ribbon (it’s free! Yay!).

You could also do this with baby mittens! And if you were handy with a needle, you could embroider the numbers on each sock or mitten. The possibilities are endless.

I strung the socks from a simple, white line and used mini-clothespins to secure. I stuffed each little sock with goodies for my toddler to discover from now until Christmas Eve. Everything from stickers, to ChapStick, to toy cars, to toothbrushes, to Hershey’s kisses.

Best of all, I’ll be able to reuse this calendar every year, filling it with sweet surprises for my girls as a yearly Cart Family tradition. And I’ll get to enjoy these tiny baby socks and mourn the onslaught of time. How is it possible that their feet ever fit into such tininess?