Sculpey Beaded Bracelet

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Fun with sculpey! It’s 1995 up in ‘hur! I just can’t get enough of this friendship bracelet craze. I even made one for Sunny.

Polymer clay
Dowel or skewer to use for punching hole in clay bead
Baking sheet

1. Start by making and baking a batch of polymer clay beads. It’ll take you back to elementary school! Roll up a few tiny balls, punch ’em through with a skewer, form into desired shape, lay on a baking sheet and cook for 10 minutes at 275 degrees F. Beads ready!

2. Next, using a thread of choice (I found a beading thread at a local craft store), braid the clay beads in in the middle of the bracelet.

3. To finish off the bracelet and make it adjustable, I used a Multiple Overhead Sliding Knot. Easy on and off!

Photos: Ashley Weeks Cart