Upcycled Padded Clothes Hangers

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Our mother has a ‘thing’ for padded clothing hangers. Kimmy and I both have a plethora of such hangers in our closets thanks to this, shall we say, interest of hers. This interest was of course extended to my daughter, Sunny, so her closet is also overflowing with pretty padded hangers for her array of adorable toddler dresses. Case in point below.

No, we weren’t exaggerating.

Due to the surplus of t-shirt yarn, I thought I’d repurpose some of the less-than-desirable wire hangers that I’ve been amassing from the dry cleaners and give some DIY padded hangers a try. It’s a super simple project, and a nice way to reclaim those flimsy wire hangers and some old tees. I think Mom would approve.

Wire hangers
Old T-shirts cut into T-shirt yarn


1. Cut the old T-shirt into one long strand of yarn using the directions from this past DIY Wednesday.

2. Starting at the tip of the hanger, cover the tip and wrap around the ends to secure in place.

3. Continue wrapping around all of the wire of the hanger to cover all of the metal.

4. At the end, tuck the strand in on itself, accent with a bow, and there you have it! An easy, pretty addition to your closet!