Embroidered Eggs

by Ashley Weeks Cart

I am a loyal Design Sponge readers and couldn’t resist test-driving last week’s DIY embroidered egg tutorial. What an awesomely beautiful idea! I searched high and low for examples and turned up very little. I thought I’d add to the pool while also providing some unique table decorations for Easter supper. I was grateful for the table of 20+ admirers.

I thus spent my Saturday evening drilling and stitching eggs while watching marathon episodes of various TV shows on Hulu. Hey, everyone gets their kicks somewhere. This project would be lovely for any number of occasions, and you can really go hog wild with the patterns and thread color.

My experience looked a little something like this:


James taught me how to work the dremmel. That’s the tool that we used to cut and drill all the necessary holes in the eggs. Just look at his face of concentration. And yes, egg guts sprayed everywhere. It was a messy affair, indeed.


We were awed when we’d made it this far in the process without completely cracking and destroying the eggs.


I tried a fancy tulip pattern on one of the eggs, but opted to do the rest of the half dozen in a playful firework pattern.


All of these eggs were done in various threads of pink and green – my favorite preppy pairing. I then offered them up as a hostess gift at Easter supper. They were admired by all!



We hope that everyone had an egg-cellent weekend!

Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart