Bottle Cap Earrings

by Ashley Weeks Cart

We’re not talking about shooting up any saloons, but rather hitting up your local watering hole for some brewskies and thus some supplies for your next DIY project! Collect a bunch of old bottle caps and craft up some upcycled earrings. Trashion at its best!

Bottle caps
Earring hooks
Nail & hammer

1. Drink a beer (or root beer, whatever floats your boat!)
2. Take the bottle caps from said beer and use the pliers to flatten the crinkled edges of each cap to help flatten the sides of the earrings.
3. In the now flattened crinkly space, chose a location for the earring hook and place the tip of a nail in that spot.
4. Using the hammer, lightly tap the nail to make a small hole in the bottle cap.
5. Thread earring hook through hole.
6. Now, thread that earring hook through your EAR hole and VOILA! bottle cap earrings!

Just think, each six-pack has the potential to be three new pairs of earrings!

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart