The Good Life

by Ashley Weeks Cart


We spent the weekend with this amazing woman, my dearest friend from my first job out of college, Devita (Auntie Devy-poo). We share the kind of friendship that while we hadn’t had a one-on-one conversation in over a year, we spent four glorious days catching up without missing a beat.

She also helped us get all of our tomato and pepper plants in the garden (finally!) along with the rest of our lingering seeds. She helped stain our deck for hours in the burning sun. Outside of all the manual labor, we enjoyed many a delicious meal (including our first “harvest” of the season thanks to our happy Rainbow Swiss Chard), drank many a beer, roasted many a s’more, drew many a picture (namely rainbows), and snapped many a selfie with Cartwheel Critters.

We all miss her to pieces.