Scrap Hats

by Ashley Weeks Cart


I love these two people so very much. And boy, they sure do love each other. I asked them to be my hat models during Auntie Kimmy’s visit last weekend.

I whipped up these two hats using a bunch of scrap yarn and my favorite Bubble Hat pattern. It was a great way to put those stashes of yarn from previous projects to use. Donna, Kaki’s nanny when she was a wee babe and now the woman responsible for keeping my marriage together (she is our housekeeper, organizer, all around super hero), saw the hats and fell in love with them, so BOOM early Christmas present for Donna!

Now bask in the Auntie/Niece affection.






More details about the yarns I used for these hats and a link to the pattern in my Ravelry here