Belly Breathe

by Ashley Weeks Cart

I’m coming down from a glorious weekend with dear dear friends. There was much lounging and cooking and catching up and delicious dinners out and cookie baking and belly breathing and nostalgically and joyfully re-watching videos like this, this and this. You will cry with laughter – how could I have forgotten about how priceless and ridiculous these moments were? Just watch Addison channel Momar so hard when she sternly declares, “I GET TO CALL YOU JAMES!”

I can envision Dellie and Jeremy at Sunny’s wedding standing up to give their FGP (Fairy Godparent) toast and stringing together a montage of their fav Sunny vids from the blog and ending it with, “Until then, we will… pick… nose. CHEERS TO THE HAPPY COUPLE!” And then their wedding gift can be paying her therapy bills to recover from life with a mother who blogged her childhood.

One of the highlights of the weekend was getting to judge the annual step competition held at Williams. Dellie and I  met as freshmen at Williams when we both joined Sankofa, the college step team. Our senior year, Dells was President and I was Drill Sergeant of the group. This weekend, the current group asked us to come back as former leaders and judge this year’s step competition which was an unbelievably fun reminder of how our friendship started and a glowing source of pride (as Sankofa is one truly amazing group these days. Check it.). It was also special for Jeremy (a non-Eph, GO BLUE!) to see what Sankofa was all about. Another dear friend from college was in town, so she joined us for a fancy-pants-adult-sans-children dinner out (Thanks, Laura!) and then the show. Hooray for adult friendship time!

We also squeezed in a quick maternity shoot of Dellie and Jeremy with the growing baby bump. I likely won’t see them again until right before baby is born or shortly thereafter, so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to capture the Dellie Belly (ha!). These are my favorite snaps from the series. And I fully intend on serenading them to the tune of  Belly Breathe turned Dellie Breathe while Dells is in labor, because I’m nothing if not a supportive birth partner. ;)