Be The Match

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Today, I’m asking that you all help be the change by being the match.

As I mentioned, our beloved babysitter’s husband was diagnosed with leukemia one month ago. We learned yesterday that he is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant to save his life.┬áThis is a family who lost their oldest son in a tragic accident when he was only two years old. They already have had to face one unimaginable loss, so James and I want to do everything in our power to ensure that Donna, someone who cares for our children with the love and attention of a family member, does not have to once again confront such devastation.

If you are not already on the bone marrow registry, please please please consider adding yourself. While you may not be a match for Gil, one day you may save a life.

It’s an easy, free sign up. Just fill out this form online.┬áThen they’ll send you a kit. You swab your cheek. And then you send it back in a pre-stamped envelope.

Free, easy, no blood, no nonsense.

And while the odds are unlikely that you’ll be a match for Donna’s husband, we won’t ever know if you don’t register.

I know that you’d want people to do the same for your loved ones if the time ever called for it. Thank you all for making a difference.

And thank you for helping us support a family who has become a part of our own.