Chickens: Week 1

by Ashley Weeks Cart

We’ve had the chicks in our lives for exactly 1 week.

We started with 15. We’re down to six. We had planned on keeping 12 after passing three on to a friend, but as they were getting bigger and I began breaking down the reality of 12 chickens, i.e. a dozen eggs a day, I decided that we needed to cut the flock in half or be chained to a life of daily frittatas and quiches.

Fortunately, a local family swooped in and took six of the girls off of our hands yesterday afternoon.

So here is our flock. Introducing: Dora and Boots, the black Plymouth Barred Rocks named by Sunny, Nemo, the lemon colored Ameurcana named by James, and Bunty, Babes and Edwina, the remaining three, named after my favorite characters in Chicken Run.

We took them outside for the first time yesterday, and I expected them to delight in this inaugural free range opportunity. But instead, this happened…

I’m not going to pretend like I didn’t adore that they took shelter on my leg. I now feel as though I can truly call myself Mama to a half dozen chicks.

Ah the power of imprinting…