Sunny’s Style, no. 16 // Mini Rodini

by Ashley Weeks Cart

{Pineapple Summer Suit: Mini Rodini}

It’s been far too long since I pulled out a proper SLR camera. This weekend, I unearthed it from the ruins and snapped some shots of life on the farm.

Life on the farm. I don’t think saying that will ever get old.

I’ve had some adorable outfits from Mini Rodini on hand since long before the move, but with life being as chaotic as it was, I had not yet taken the time to snap some pix of the girls rocking their new duds. I don’t think that you’ll be at all surprised to learn that this is a Swedish kid’s clothing company.

Those Swedes sure know what they’re doing when it comes to fashion, for both the big and the small.

Saturday was a positively perfect day for running around outside in this Pineapple Summer Suit, crawling all over the swing set and splashing in the stream. It’s clear that rompers are going to be Sunny’s go-to ensemble this summer. Light, easy, no nonsense. One piece of clothing and you’ve got an entire outfit.

And it doesn’t hurt that pineapple is her favorite fruit.

I couldn’t resist throwing in this adorable, albeit staged, photograph. I’m trying to do a better job of capturing the girls in the moment, not interfering with the play at hand. But sometimes Sunny insists on smiling for the camera. And who am I to resist that cheeky grin.

Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart
Clothing: Courtesy of Mini Rodini