Week 15

by Ashley Weeks Cart

This post is behind. While the photos were taken on time, I didn’t get around to editing and processing them until today. Primarily because James and I have turned into nocturnal beings to accommodate Courtland’s new and wildly inconvenient sleep schedule. The kid likes to be awake from 3am-6am. Which is awesome when Sunny awakes at 7:30am. Especially on mornings like today when she not only awakes at that hour, but does so with feces-filled underwear.

Her potty training has regressed since she started school last Monday, so I began my Sunday morning by reenacting Hansel & Gretel, except not with bread crumbs. And Courtland, well, I don’t know why we’re having the sleep regression. I blame the horribly stuffy nose that she’s had for going on 3 weeks. This causes her to wake in fury because she cannot inhale without sounding like a stampede of wild boar.

It’s pretty gnarly around these parts. But we’ve got wicked Christmas cheer to help get us through. And a baby on the brink of rolling over, which makes this series simultaneously harder and more entertaining than ever to capture.

Courtland: 15 weeks
Addison: 30 months