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My Mother’s Attic // December


My final post for New Dress a Day is up. Definitely the most special project of the series – and by far my favorite images. Enjoy!

My Mother’s Attic // 11


My second to last post of the year over at New Dress a Day (with cameos by Francis Turkey and pie).

My Mother’s Attic // 10

MMAOctober-1 copy

Gladdy is providing some inspiration for this month’s all black remake. To check out the full post, head on over to New Dress a Day.

My Mother’s Attic // 9

NDADSeptember_before-5 copy

This month’s remake for My Mother’s Attic seems fairly subtle and unremarkable, yet I put more sewing skills to work than ever before, and I’ll probably wear this piece more than any other yet in the series. Plus, you should hop over to the full post to see my spotlighting of all our Cartwheel Farm Critters. More on New Dress a Day.

My Mother’s Attic // 8


August’s My Mother’s Attic can be found here on New Dress a Day. A twirly party skirt for the celebrations to come this September. Trying to find the joy in the face of such loss.

My Mother’s Attic // 7

This month’s My Mother’s Attic is different from all previous posts. After everything that’s happened this month, I decided to go through my collection of clothing handed down from my mother and showcase some pieces that are representative of four different generations of women in my family. Timeless pieces that don’t require any changes or alterations. Head on over to New Dress a Day to see the full ensembles and the histories of each here.





My Mother’s Attic // 6


The woman in the photo above is one of my mother’s best friends from childhood. She’s pictured with my dad’s college roommate the morning of my parents’ wedding in June of 1974. Her name is Polly, and she died suddenly and tragically just a few months after that picture was taken due to Eastern Equine Encephalitis. I grew up learning all about Polly, my mother speaking fondly of her beautiful friend whose life was taken far too young. It was with bittersweet enthusiasm that I discovered that the dress I planned to alter for this month’s remake over on New Dress A Day was in fact a dress of Polly’s that my mother had saved these forty years.

The full story is up on Marisa’s blog here.


My Mother’s Attic // 5

It’s time for May’s My Mother’s Attic over on New Dress A Day. I just can’t get enough of paisley prints and dress pockets.

Full post here. Featuring my killer new bag from the ever-talented Maja of Pinellapi (and my Swedish adventures).

mma-may-1 copy

My Mother’s Attic // 4

April’s edition of My Mother’s Attic is up on New Dress A Day.

I realize that this is more of a facelift than a remake, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to restore this dress from my mom’s years living in Paris for my own European adventure. Full post here.

mma-april-11 copy

My Mother’s Attic // 3

beforemma-march-ndad-1 copy

AFTERmma-march-ndad-6 copy

My March project for My Mother’s Attic is up over at New Dress A Day. I turned a vintage Pierre Deux dress of my mom’s (that was stained and didn’t fit me on the neck or cuffs) and turned it into a mother/daughter ensemble. Full details here.



We’re off to the Cape to spend the weekend with my parents and Kimmy. We’ll celebrate (early) birthdays for me and my mom on Saturday night, and then spend the morning on Sunday hunting for treasures from the Easter bunny. I don’t know who’s more excited, Momar or the kids. Enthusiasm is at an all time high. Happy weekend, all!