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Shit that I Knit (and other Thoughts)


I’ve returned from a whirlwind few days in New York City, and have to admit that this pregnancy has taken a much greater toll on my body physically than the previous. (Silly aging!). I was absolutely wiped out after 15 hours on my feet on Sunday, and it took nearly two days to get back to a semi-normal/comfortable state. I already feel pretty awkward and uncomfortable in my own skin, and I’m only 21 weeks in, so that does not bode well for the remaining 19 weeks. Ooof. My back is sore, my feet hurt, my neck aches and causes a headache that radiates across my forehead, and let’s not even get started about the pressure I’m already feeling in my pelvic floor. Remember the infamous frozen peas? Well that was 3 weeks prior to Courtland’s arrival not 19! Wah wah wah, someone call the WAH-MBULANCE! (Poor, sweet James – we’ve got a long road ahead of us).

Regardless, I was grateful for some time in the city, despite the resulting aches and pains, that included a baby shower, QT with dear friends, Korean BBQ, New York bagels, cheap manicures, the distribution of knit goodies to adorable littles and loved ones, and a long, albeit inspiring day surrounded by Ephs at the New York Public Library.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez (songwriter of “Frozen”) gave a talk about the need and significance of female voices in all elements of the work force, though she spoke specifically to the entertainment industry, and it had tears streaming down my face and my head furiously nodding.  I fangirled out to her so hard later that night about the hopey, changey impact that movie had had on me and my own daughters, and the courage it took for her to talk so candidly and pointedly about the bullshit lack of female voices in the entertainment industry (especially when we are the majority consumers). And while she’s likely heard it a zillion times by now, I thanked her. Because while on the surface it may just sound like princesses and fairytales and childish fluff, what happened in that movie was revolutionary. And I hope that we’ll see much more of that in the mainstream media, for the sake of all of our children. (And, daaaaaamn, it was profitable!)

While there were still issues (think Elsa’s itty bitty waist, ridiculous bust, and sultry eyes, and the complete lack of people of color), it was a step in the right direction.

So yes, New York was good. But I’m happy to be home in my own bed, with my own family, with our peaceful, quiet dirt road, and knitting furiously in front of the wood stove each evening (we fired it up for the first time this season, and it is one of the true highlights of winters in VT). This hat pattern below has become a new favorite. Such a sweet design for a little one. (And, P.S., it’s free!).

I’ve got a wedding to finish editing, Jack-o-Lanterns to carve, team Halloween costumes to execute (with the help of Auntie Kimmy), and a few holiday card photo shoots on my plate. Let’s do this October!


Textured Cowl


These cowls are so quick and easy (and affordable). This is another free pattern from Abi on Ravelry. Grab a skein of Lions Brand chunky wool, some size 15 needles, and in just a few hours you’ll have a cozy cowl. I’ll be gifting these like crazy this season.

Pattern and details in my Ravelry.






Gifts for Baby Ruby

More knitting! One of my dearest pals welcomed a baby girl into the world last month, and her growing family is on my date card for this weekend’s NYC adventures. These itty bitty knits are headed to sweet Ruby.

Details for the socks, booties and cardigan in my Ravelry. 





Vauvan sukka || Finnish train socks

This weekend I’m headed to New York for a work event and time with friends. I’m kicking off the festivities with a baby shower for my sister’s College roommate. I made these sweet baby socks as a gift. I just love the story behind the sock design and now will surely make these for every little babe in my loved one’s lives.

In early 1939, Kerttu Latvala was evacuating ahead of World War II battles along with her 2-month-old baby daughter. Her train trip from Vaasa (coastal Finland) was delayed due to a section of the railroad tracks having been destroyed by bombings. A fellow passenger, a retired needlework teacher, took pity on the un-bootied little feet of the baby girl, and during the delay, unraveled yarn from her own white hand-knit sweater, and used it to make the baby a pair of socks that stay put very well on little feet.

Details and pattern available on my Ravelry.

Purple Drop Stitch Cowl


The knitting kick continues…

I made a larger version of this cowl back in 2012, and it’s such a quick, fun knit that I decided it’d make a lovely gift for a friend. Any project I can crank out in just a few hours is quite satisfying. Thus, cowls are abounding in preparation for the upcoming holiday season of gift giving. Details on this project in my Ravelry. The woman who created this pattern lives in the neighboring town, so I especially dig that little local connection. And it’s free, so ye knitters out there, have at it!




Snood Dogg


Yes yes, another post about another knitting project. I mean it when I say that I’ve been a knitting machine of late. With left over yarn from my recent sweater project, I made up this cozy cowl inspired by the Snood Dogg pattern from Wool and the Gang. I just knit in seed stitch until I’d used up all the yarn. Simple, cozy, quick. My kind of instant gratification project.



Leaf Necklace


I depended on a number of key colleagues to survive the past six months of planning for the enormous work event two weeks prior. I relayed to one of my staff that knitting had become my survival/therapy. It was how I cleared my head every evening before bed. She then passed along a link to some lovely knit jewelry patterns. I’ve never made a knit necklace, nor incorporated beading into my knitting, but I had a skein of yarn that my mother-in-law had purchased for me during a trip to Italy that seemed like the perfect material for some fancy accessory work. As a thank you to this wonderful human for all of her support, I created  my first knit necklace for her. Thanks, Sandra! (I foresee making many a necklace for loved ones this holiday season!)



Wonderwool Sweater


I’ve been knitting, a lot, of late. It’s become my evening ritual after the kids are in bed. A way to spend a hour or two winding down at the end of the day while I listen to an audio book or catch up on my Hulu stream. I’ve been knitting for many a sweet babe as I have a number of friends expecting littles in the coming months, but last week I switched it up and made something for myself. A ridiculously oversized, cozy, plush sweater using Wool and The Gang’s latest pattern, The Wonderwool. I knit two chunky sweaters from their collection years ago – The Cross Country Coat and The Little Giants T-Shirt. Their patterns are always quick and easy (thanks to enormous needles and wool), and the styles quite, well, stylish. In the heart of winter, this bad boy will keep me insanely cozy. Those extra large sleeves are everything.


Photobomb by Penelope Pig below!





Pattern and details for Wonderwool Sweater at Wool and The Gang

Swedish Baby Knits


I’ve been knitting up a storm of late, as so many loved ones are preparing to welcome sweet babies into their lives this winter and with all the chaos of my work life, unwinding each evening with a hour of knitting has proved unbelievably therapeutic. It’s a great way to ease my mind before bed, and relax after a busy day.

These cozy knits are headed overseas to my darlings LasseMaja and their Swedish babe arriving in November. Some handknit love to help baby endure his/her first dark, Scandinavian winter. Links to patterns under each piece below.


Petite Facile


Baby Mitts


Ribbed Far-Away Baby Socks



Seamless Baby Booties

Purple Sweater Wearer


Courtland requested that I make her a purple sweater for her fourth birthday. Naturally, I obliged with my favorite little pattern. And I could not resist those cow buttons. Because purple and cows go together like peanut and butter. #spokenlikeanEph






Ravelry details