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The Sunny Side // 24


“When Ursa died, you buried her in the ground, and now she’s the grass. The green grass is Ursa and it’s raining rainbows, and there are rainbow hearts and rainbow flowers and even a real rainbow to make her happy, the way that she made me happy.”

(And I’m sobbing. This kid’s heart… we don’t know what we did to deserve her. I’m having this one framed to hang forever and ever and eternity. Like our love for Ursa.)

The Sunny Side // 23


“This is a backwards rainbow. The colors are the wrong way. It’s fun to break the rules sometimes.”

The Sunny Side // 22


“This is a rainbow thunderstorm. And I’m not scared of a rainbow thunderstorm. I know it’s just pretend, because in real life I am scared of thunderstorms even though you tell me that thunder isn’t scary. But sometimes I’m afraid even of things that shouldn’t be scary. So in my pretend I make them not scary.”

The Sunny Side // 21


“Look at all those flying rainbows. The world can never have too many rainbows.”

The Sunny Side // 20


“I made this painting for Mia. She is my best friend. And I wanted to make her happy.”

The Sunny Side // 19


“I don’t normally paint suns, because my name is Sunny, so there is always a sun in all of my paintings. But sometimes I just really want people to remember how beautiful the sun is. So I make it extra sunny and paint a sun.”

The Sunny Side // 18


“What’s going on in this painting?”

“It’s just so beautiful, I don’t even know.”

“What makes it so beautiful?”

“The orange pea box.”

“What’s a pea box?”

“Oh, mama, a pea box just carries so much stuff. Any stuff you want it to carry. It can even carry more than all of our suitcases together.”

“You know, peas are actually teeny tiny and usually green in color, so why is something that carries so much and the color orange called a “pea” box?”

“Sometimes your imagination just wants things, mom, even if they don’t make any sense to grown ups.”

The Sunny Side // 17


This sweet painting is a gift that Argentinian artist Lula Ruiz sent to her “fellow artist,” Sunny. Addison was awestruck. Eyes wide. Goofy, gleeful smile. The fact that it is a watercolor painting of a fox, her favorite animal, is icing on the cake. She was feeling “so so super happy and proud” that she’s sold five of her paintings this week, but this unexpected gift really caught her by surprise and filled her day with joy.

I would like to give each and every one of you that has supported Sunny’s little project a big, sloppy, open-mouthed kiss. Whether with a nice comment or email, or by acquiring one of her paintings for your own home, you’ve really inspired my little girl (and brought me to happy tears).

Me puse asi de lindo porque sabia que iba a verte.

(Translation: I got myself all pretty because I knew I was going to see you.)

More of Lula Ruiz’s work on Facebook and her blog.

The Sunny Side // 16


“Sometimes a rainbow is just a rainbow. There is no story.”

The Sunny Side // 15


I realized this morning that yesterday’s painting was a duplicate. That’s how much Sunny loves it. Apparently. (Which, Sunny would like me to tell you –  if you ever love her paintings too, she will sell them to you for two $5 dollars (*ahemtendollarsahem*) since she is about to be five. When I asked her what she would do with the money from her paintings, she said that she’d buy more art supplies and granola bars. And then if she had left over, she would give them to the place where doggies live when they don’t have families. Like where we got Hanna.) Just shoot me an email if you are inspired by her rainbow explosions and undeterred by her steep costs. Available paintings are viewable here. I promise to ensure that the money is put to its intended use: Ashley[dot]W[dot]Cart[at]gmail[dot]com

“This is mommy and daddy getting married on top of a mountain.”

“We DID get married on top of a mountain. But it was a very grey, rainy day. Not nearly as sunny and bright as you painted it.”

“Mom, rain makes rainbows. I bet there was a rainbow hiding somewhere and you just didn’t know it.”