DNA Scarf

by Ashley Weeks Cart


More photos courtesy of Sunny. She captured a glimpse of the cable knit scarf I made for Kimmy for Christmas (I may have wrapped it, partially done, still on the needles, and finished it up over the break – but it’s finally complete! And extremely lengthy for maximum wrapping). You’ll notice that it’s got an especially nerdy cable-knit pattern – a DNA Double Helix, for Watson’s Number One Fan (my sister). On the surface, it looks like a traditional Fisherman’s scarf, but the pattern creates a double helix, complete with┬ábase pair bars to represent Adenine & Thymine and Guanine & Cytosine. For my family of scientists (my dad is a geneticist, and Kimmy a marine biologist), it was a big hit.

Doda received a hat with a fair isle knit of DNA and chromosomes for his Christmas gift. While I may not be a scientist myself, I can certainly appreciate and knit and nerd out with the best of ’em.



^^Sunny thought I looked like a Storm Trooper all wrapped up like this.^^



Doda’s hat on Christmas day:


Details on my Ravelry for Doda’s Hat and Kimmy’s scarf.