Baa-ble Hat

by Ashley Weeks Cart


Oh this handsome fella of mine flashing some Blue Steel (or perhaps just a look of annoyance as I aim the camera at his mug). Our homestead would be at a loss without him.

I cajoled JamesĀ into posing with his Christmas gift, The Baa-ble Hat (which granted he’s been wearing quite some timeĀ as I finished it in November and let him have at it). When I saw the Baa-ble Hat on Ravlery, I just had to make one. And I adored the pattern so much, I whipped one up for myself as well (Merry Christmas, me!). I learned how to more skillfully fairisle knit, and it is just so endearing and apt for our life on Cartwheel Farm. If we can’t have fiber animals right now (oh that pesky third baby), we may as well wear them on our noggins.

It’s a free pattern – so get after it, folks!



Sunny has taken an interest in learning how to use the camera, so after school yesterday, we played around and she grabbed some photos of me in my Baa-ble Hat. I added the Alpaca Pom for a little flair – James politely declined the addition of a pom pom to his.

I adore these photos, particularly the one of me grinning. This is how I envision myself when I’m at my most comfortable. My most “me.” No pursed smile or attempts at looking “good” for the camera. No self-consciousness or awkwardness. No posing. No make-up or glitz. Just me as me, smiling casually at my daughter as I coach her through how to focus on my eyes and then hit the shutter.

When James saw the photo he said, “It’s clear that you’re completely at ease with her. Even more so than you are when I take your picture.”

The beauty of the parent/child relationship played out so simply with the click of a button. I’ll cherish her first portrait forever.