O Christmas Tea!

by Ashley Weeks Cart


O Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree! How lovely are your tea leaves. 

This project is pretty dang endearing, and was perfect for gifting to a number of the girls’ teachers this Christmas. Tea and cookies – a nice gesture of thanks and good cheer to the adults in their lives who nurture and support and inspire and teach them alongside their parents and friends. From classroom teachers, to babysitters, to swim coaches, to violin instructors, to ballet teachers, we are so grateful to have a tribe of wonderful grown-ups helping us develop them into passionate, thoughtful, well-rounded people (or so we aspire!). We have one more project in the works for gifting that I’ll share next week, but it’s been fun to work together as a family to create, bake, and write words of thanks and giving.

This project is relatively simple, and definitely wins on presentation.

An assortment of teas in individual bags (I opted for a variety of green packaging – so Peppermint, Green Tea and Irish Breakfast)
Styrofoam cone as tree structure (found at any craft store like Michaels)
Glue gun
Festive tree topper (I used toothpick cupcake toppers with seasonal snowflakes)

To adhere the bags, I put a strip of hot glue at the top of each bag, and beginning at the bottom of the cone and working my way up, glued them on until the tree was covered. The girls added the tops and determined the “pattern” for the tea bags. A team effort by all. And voila! Christmas Teas!