by Ashley Weeks Cart

Early Sunday morning, I had the privilege of being with a dear friend while she welcomed a beautiful baby into the world. In those moments, I was reminded of the sheer badassness of the female body, its strength and power and life-giving awesome. It is such a gift to be trusted in that space with a woman who is simultaneously her most vulnerable and most powerful. I’m filled with a sense of awe by the memories of those experiences; this one was no exception.

I walked into the hospital at 12:30am, arriving only 20-30 minutes after mom, and sweet Maisie entered the world just over 30 minutes later. Now THAT is how to have a baby.

It was truly awe-inspiring.

I was not only humbled by the immense strength and focus of the laboring mom, but of the skilled caregiving of her midwife. I was reminded of why I believe so intensely in midwifery care for healthy moms and babies. To witness a trained and experienced caregiver listen and respond so intently to her patient, to watch her trust the mother engaged in a normal, life-giving process and respond to her instincts was unbelievably inspiring. The midwife did not try to control the situation, but rather assist and support the mother. It is the kind of caregiving I wish for all mothers.


To hold life that is mere minutes old… well I think my face says it all. What a gift!