The Rose

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Last night I had to work late, so James was in charge of solo dinner/bedtime routine chez Cart.

The kids have been going to bed later and later (they are SO ours, night owls that they are). We’ve been trying to have them asleep before 9:30pm, but even that seems a struggle. Last night, James turned off all the lights in the house at 9pm, and sat in the hallway between their bedrooms singing to them to try to get everyone to CHILL THE F OUT.

He was rotating between a series of mellow tunes, and began singing “The Rose” by Bette Midler (I KNOW! Dying from adorable over here). Sunny suddenly began to cry. James stopped and asked what was wrong assuming it was going to be claims of dehydration (despite 8 prior cups of water) or a need to urinate (despite 8 recent trips to the toilet) or ya know, sleeping is hard hashtagpreschoolproblems.

Her: Daddy, that song is just so beautiful that it makes me cry.

Apologies to Addison’s future partner, we have confirmation, she is indeed her mother’s daughter.


I fall more and more in love with that little girl everyday, sentimental, sweet soul that she is. May all your weekends be equally as sweet and heartwarming. And to get you in the mood, Bette at her finest…