The Graduate

by Ashley Weeks Cart


My firstborn is ready for Kindergarten. *sigh*

Yesterday, the girls’ preschool staged the most adorable graduation ceremony for Sunny and her class. She dressed up in a new outfit from Momar, I braided and curled her hair (per her request), and she donned a bedazzled mortarboard. We celebrated over chicken tenders (as is now custom for Sunny celebrations) and rainbow-frosted sugar cookies. It was a happy (albeit nostalgic, tear-inducing) day.

So proud of this little girl (which may seem silly inspired by a preschool graduation), but I am so looking forward to all that she’ll continue to teach us. She’s already given us so much. It’s hard to believe that it just keeps getting better and better.

We put together a video of the highlights – I can’t help but laugh during every viewing of their group songs.