Faith & Morgan // 06.07.14

by Ashley Weeks Cart


This weekend I had the joy and privilege of shooting my first full wedding as the sole photographer. It is a honor to be trusted to capture such a momentous occasion and to be with two people during such intimate, exciting, inspiring moments in their relationship.

While Faith and I had never met, we attended the same college, and she was two years ahead of me while in school. She’s been a reader of the blog for some time and she reached out to me last spring to introduce herself and see if I’d be up for shooting a wedding, specifically her wedding. I told her that I was up for the challenge, if she and her now-husband were okay taking a risk on a newbie. I’m so fortunate that they were!

I was so nervous going in – Would I capture it properly? Would the couple be happy with my work? Could I last 12 hours on my feet? Would I put people at ease? Would I know what to do, how to act, and where to stand to get the optimal images?

I can’t say that I was perfect, but it felt really good. Solid. Comfortable. Yes, I was and am still exhausted, physically and mentally, but I’m feeling excited about many of the images I captured. I’m happy that I have one wedding each month on the books through the fall to continue to gain experience and build this angle of my photography skillset. Thanks Faith and Morgan for taking a chance on me. I hope that above all else YOU feel I captured the spirit of the day.

I put together an album of some of my immediate favorite images for the couple to enjoy and share before they head off on their honeymoon. It will be a few weeks before I get through the thousands of images that I took (given that I don’t have a full weekend at home until July 26th – summertime is a busy, glorious time!), so I wanted them to have a sneak peek. What a day it was – the weather gods cooperated (thanks to a ceremonial burying of a bottle of bourbon one month before the wedding) and the location couldn’t have been more charming (home of the bride’s Godmother, the same site as her parents’ wedding reception). Swooncity!


^^FIRST LOOK. How much do I love that Faith is six feet tall? SO MUCH!^^


^^Oh those rainboots!^^



^^Oh that veil!^^



^^The bourbon that brought the rain-free day! A toast to the weather!^^


^^There’s a photo of Faith’s parents on those very steps on their wedding day.^^



^^Gorgeous bride.^^


^^Hysterical rabbi.^^


^^Happy, handsome groom.^^


^^MARRIED! First kiss as husband and wife.^^




^^Slick dance moves.^^



^^What a gorgeous end to a gorgeous day.^^


And I couldn’t resist sharing the classic Williams pic. They even let me sneak in for one to be sure that all Ephs were properly documented.


So, folks, how’d I do? Which one’s your favorite image?