Valentine’s Prep

by Ashley Weeks Cart


The girls’ school closed early on Wednesday due to the piles of snow. So they spent their afternoon at home prepping Valentine’s for their friends at school. I’ve been feeling tapped out creatively and didn’t have the energy to do my usual slew of Valentine’s crafts (be sure to check out this, this, this and this for ideas past), so I phoned it in with some adorable cards from Minted. I’m a huge fan of the brand (and it doesn’t hurt that the founder is a completely inspiring Williams alum and all around kind human being), and was smitten with their itty bitty card line for classroom Valentine’s. Sunny naturally chose a fox card (the kid is obsessed with all things fox, long before What Does the Fox Say? made them so popular) and Kaki chose a whale card because they are abundant in her bedroom and I assume that she’s now been conditioned to gravitate to all things Whale.




mintedvalentine2014_blogalacart_9 copy

^^They wore their Valentine’s best (per Mama’s request (pattern for those circle skirts that I made as their Valentine’s gifts last year here)) and we’ve been enjoying that gorgeous paper heart mobile that Justine gifted Sunny this Christmas to get in the spirit of the month. Justine claims it was easy to make – use a heart paper punch to make the hearts, then run through a sewing machine in various strands, then use embroidery hoops to hang – but time is valuable and I’m impressed by the effort and beauty of the gift.^^




Shop more Minted Classroom Valentine’s here. And if you’re feeling more eneregtic than I am these days, make this adorable Valentine Mail Bag on Minted’s blog, Julep.