Rainbow Kid

by Ashley Weeks Cart


Sunny’s request of me this Christmas was her very own Rainbow Dress. She knew that I was going to knit her a dress, as she chose the yarn herself, but she knew nothing about the style, and oh, the twirly-factor. I was so happy to find this pattern on Ravelry.

Rainbowdress_blogalacart_11 copy




I had leftover yarn, so decided to also make a dress for her Bitty Baby.

On Christmas morning she happily, but without much surprise, opened the dress for her and instantly put it on and began spinning around the room. I told her that there was a second part of the present, and the look of shock and awe on her face when she pulled out the dress for her doll made all those hours of twiddling, knitting fingers and morphing into our couch cushion worth it.

Well THIS is a surprise, she whispered with wide eyes.

That reaction was all I needed, the best form of thanks.


Rainbowdress_blogalacart_7 copy



Sunny’s Dress pattern here.¬†Doll dress pattern here.¬†