My Sami People

by Ashley Weeks Cart


I have an obsession with all things nordic and Scandinavian, so when I spotted these coats in a vintage shop, I called my mother and she made some Christmas magic happen. I now have two of my very own Sami People! The girls looked like whimsical Christmas elves on our trip to Northampton to see Santa’s Trains. We stopped and shot some photos of the sisters in their festive get ups. It was a misty, moody afternoon, which made for a wonderful contrast against that vibrant red.

samipeople_blogalacart-2 copy


samipeople_blogalacart-7 copy


samipeople_blogalacart-11 copy


Wishing all who celebrate a very merry Christmas! I’ll be curled up on the farm with my family (sister and parents included). Time for lots of hot chocolate and cookie decorating and champagne and pomegranates and caroling and boeuf bourguignon and pajama lounging and laughter. Mostly laughter.