Why We Rescue

by Ashley Weeks Cart

I have waited over three months to share this very special experience with all of you.

In May, Theron Humphrey, of Maddie on Things fame, visited Cartwheel Farm to tell the story of our rescue pup, Hanna Banana. Theron has been traveling the country profiling rescue animals in all 50 states as part of a project titled Why We Rescue. I’ve followed his incredible Instagram feed for awhile now, so when he mentioned this project and included a link to be one of his potential stories, I jumped at the opportunity. I submitted Hanna as the potential Vermont dog, but given his 310,000 followers on Instagram, I figured our chances of selection were slim. This was back before the holidays in 2012. Imagine my surprise in May when I got a phone call from a super friendly, laid back Southern dude hoping to drop by later that day to take some pictures and capture our family’s story.

It’s a really awesome thing to see our life on the farm represented by Theron. He does such a unique job of capturing the simple moments of our daily lives.

He has a way with still life of the everyday.

And he is so kind and approachable, easy to be around. It was a pleasure to drink vanilla milkshakes and talk about our mutual love of animals under the Vermont sunshine. He is a special guy, indeed. James and I will always remember that afternoon.

And I feel completely honored that Hanna is Miss Vermont, and that I got to tell her story, OUR story, through Theron’s wonderful project. I hope you’ll take a peek at the resulting images and audio. (And, apologies for the scratchy audio. A certain two-year old wouldn’t leave my side during the interview. That also accounts for my awkward giggles mid-storytelling).

This is Why We Rescue.


Photo: Courtesy of Theron Humphrey