Ice Cream-Palooza 2013

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Kaki’s Birthday was a sweet affair, indeed. Since Saturday was her actual birthday, we were able to have the celebrations on the same day. James’ parents’ offered to have the SoCo Creamery ice cream cart come to our home for the party, so an Ice Cream-Palooza was planned.

birthday_blogalacart-1 copy

^^Naturally, I had to make some ice cream decor to compliment the party theme. I used this card on Paperless Post for the invitations.^^


^^ Then, I put my dear college pal Kendra (who was visiting for the weekend) to work crafting up a series of cones for the balloons using old paper grocery bags. When we picked up the balloons on Saturday morning, we attached the cones to the base of the balloons using Scotch tape. Unfortunately, the bags weighed the balloons down so they didn’t float, but we made it work regardless.^^



^^Adorable, no? We enlarged this template to create the cones.^^


^^I ordered these ice cream cone bowls from Amazon for party favors for each of the kids. They used their bowls during the party for ice cream, and then were able to take them home at the end of the festivities.^^


^^We set up the ice cream cart on our deck, and had a SoCo helper scooping for all those eager kids (and adults!). They had five flavors to choose from: Salted Caramel, Dirty Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Oreo, and Mint Chip. Then, of course, there was a topping station. We discovered Courtland eating a bowl full of rainbow sprinkles later in the afternoon sans ice cream. The toppings were clearly as appealing as the ice cream itself.^^birthday_blogalacart-8


^^Using an extra-largeĀ pom pom maker, I created yarn pom poms that Kendra and I attached to these paper cones, and then strung together as a garland that hung behind the ice cream cart.^^


^^Bowl #1 of 800. Granted, of the 7,000 or so calories she was served, I’d say 6,000 of them wound up on the front of her dress.^^


^^We had a simple beverage station of lemonade and sparkling water, with mason jars and colorful straws to compliment the balloons, pom poms, and ice cream cups. Honestly, the kids’ favorite toy during the party was that enormous beach ball, which doubles as a sprinkler, but proved way more fun to kick mid-air while swinging on the swing set.^^


^^Kendra models the ice cream cone crown I created for Kaki, complete with tulle accenting.^^


^^Kendra sneaking in while Kaki is distracted by delicious ice cream.^^


^^That expression says it all. What the?!^^


^^Attempting to shake the crown free.^^


^^She gave up, and returned to the sweets at hand. Smart girl.^^


^^Note the ice cream bow. Thanks, Ann Mae!^^


^^This girl loves her Uncle Ben who impressed all of her guests with his crazy cool tricking skills. (No, seriously, watch him in action). Also, she wandered around the yard licking ice cream drips from her dress. It was her party, the girl did what she wanted to.^^




^^Present opening was, of course, a highlight. And check out those chocolate mugs!^^



^^James’ parents gifted her this cart, which big sister dragged around the yard with Courtland proudly perched within.^^


^^She also received this lawn mower from Ghillie and Ranger, so that she can now help Daddy with lawn care.^^


^^Kendra rocked the crown the rest of the party, because, wouldn’t you?^^


^^Overall, it was a happy day. Between the ice cream, and this bucket of bubbles, Courtland was entertained for hours. We heard her still merrily babbling in her crib at 11pm that night. The sugar high was stronger than the post-party exhaustion. My sweet sweet two year old.^^