Baby Quilt

by Ashley Weeks Cart


Since moving to the Berkshires, I have befriended two positively amazing women who both happen to be positively amazing quilters. I am in awe of the quilts they have made and was intrigued to give it a try myself, but despite my crafty tendencies, have always felt intimidated by quilting. I’m an instant gratification kind of gal. Quilting seemed far too time-consuming and meticulous a hobby for my impulsive personality. But then Sunny’s FGM was expecting a baby, and my favorite gift following Sunny’s birth was a handmade quilt from Dellie for Sunny. And Kaki’s FGM, one of the aforementioned Berkshire quilters, made a quilt for Courtland’s birth. And, dang it, it was time for me to make one, too.



So I emailed the most important lasses in Dellie’s life and asked that they contribute a piece of fabric to my inaugural quilting project. They each sent me a variety of fabrics and patterns, all partnered with letters to be gifted to Dellie and Jeremy and baby boy upon his arrival.



It was quite the puzzle to figure out how I wanted to weave all the pieces together, but thanks to some serious handholding, guidance, and moral support from Laura, we figured out a pattern and she taught me how to turn scraps of fabric into a beautiful handmade quilt.



The afternoon of Elias’ birth, I went home to Dellie’s house and embroidered around the date of his arrival, a special reminder of when he entered our lives. I so hope he treasures this piece for years to come the way my own daughters adore their quilts.


Fortunately, the blanket is small so it wasn’t nearly as time-consuming as I’d envisioned to create. And while quilting is certainly a meticulous process (as I’d imagined), it is also an entirely addictive one. I felt so thrilled with the final result and was beyond excited to gift this to Baby Elias after his birth, and bring words of love and support to his parents through the letters of all their friends that participated. I totally get the quilting compulsion. We’ll see if I have the patience to now make one for my own household…


In the meantime, I’ll delight in Elias’ creation, the ideal recepient of my inaugural quilting project.