Crayon Hearts // made with love

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Early yesterday morning (i.e. the crack butt of 4:30 am), Sunny appeared in our bedroom. This is not typical behavior, as she, like her mother, is prone to sleeping until the sun rises (if not much MUCH later). She curled up in bed with us and we proceeded to listen to a series of tummy grumblings and odd gagging, coughing expressions that suggested that perhaps we had not all avoided Kaki’s stomach bug.

Sunny made claims that she felt fine, and when our alarms sounded, we went about our usual weekday routine. As we were stepping foot out the door, however, Sunny exclaimed, I need to throw up! and well, the girl was right. Throw up she did. Repeatedly. All day. We tried giving her some Saltines and Ginger Ale last night as she was complaining of hunger and thirst, but that did not end well for any of us. Most pitiful of all is that she stoically lay on the couch, warning us before every expulsion (unlike her nonverbal baby sister) and in the aftermath would quietly mutter, Being sick is no fun.


Here’s hoping that she recovers as swiftly as Courtland did and can thus return to her school brimming with Valentine’s Day prep and learning about the solar system. Hooray for rocket ships and hearts!

This weekend, in preparation for Valentine’s Day at school, Sunny and I reused the heart trays from yesterday’s project to make these Crayon Hearts to give to each of her classmates (I’ve done a very similar project here). We used broken bits and pieces of her crayon collection to fill the tray, and then baked them in the oven at 250 degrees F until all the wax was melted. Once they were cool, we removed them from the trays, and boom! A fun and useful little treat for her friends this holiday. We’ll attach them to white index cards with a piece of tape and a note that says, Wishing you a colorful Valentine’s Day, xo Sunny. Let’s just hope that no more sickness descends on this household (although that’s doubtful considering Courtland’s favorite activity is test-driving all of our toothbrushes. Daily. Hooray for hygiene!) so that Sunny may dole out these goodies next week. I think they’ll be quite the hit.