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Month: January, 2013

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The world really is such a heartbreakingly beautiful place.

Ergobaby // River Rock

Internet, meet Oliver. He is one sweet, special babe. And I was thrilled to have him and his loving parents serve as my second round of Ergobaby models. It was neat to connect with a local family that I had never met face to face, and despite the soggy, muddy conditions, we made those purple mountains a distractingly lovely backdrop to the otherwise drab conditions.

Oliver was a preterm baby, but you’d never know it to meet him. He’s such a strong, healthy, beautiful boy. I hope Megan will share their story someday on The Beauty of Being Born. Such a brave pair, these two. And such dashing models. I’m not going to pretend that I’m not sickeningly jealous of Megan’s gorgeous strawberry locks.

Here are my favorite snaps from the shoot. They’re wearing the Organic River Rock carrier.








Ergobaby // Night Sky

Yesterday morning, I headed over to Kaki’s FGP’s for a family photo shoot. Their gorgeous backyard has been the setting for many a family photo, including Geraldine and Joe’s wedding back in 2010 and this shoot staged by Kate (have you signed up for our photography class yet?). I’ve been hired by Ergobaby to photograph a number of their carriers with everyday families. They specifically wanted images of the Night Sky carrier with a snowy backdrop. We had to jump on the warming temps before all the snow melted away (today is just a big muddy, slippery mess). Brie, in typical Brie fashion, was as agreeable and adorable as ever. I mean, those cheeks!

Here are some of my favorite snaps of the day. And you can look for these budding models on the Ergobaby site in the coming moths.










I know, I know, one more social media platform! Don’t we already have enough apps on our phone to procrastinate our days away?

To me, new social media is useful if it gives me a fresh approach to how I present myself slash the blog. And in that regard, the Vine app does not disappoint. I like that it has me thinking differently and engaging with another kind of visual representation, but in a way independent from, say, Instagram. In fact, Vine has given me the perfect medium to properly showcase Addison’s outfit assembly. She takes her “craft” quite seriously, and meticulously lays out each piece of her outfit before dressing in the morning. I love that in a quick, simple, looping, stop-motion video I can capture that daily process. So Sunny’s Style will now live on Vine. Check out Monday and Tuesday’s ensembles.


You can download the app for free and follow along. I’m sure we’ll refine the presentation, but at least this is a start.

You can find me on all the various social media platforms by looking for Blog a la Cart (@blogalacart). 

This Kid

She sure does know how to get under your skin. And I mean that in both the most positive and negative of ways. For this particular series of images, it is most certainly on the more endearing end of the spectrum.

I think she’s my spirit animal. God, I love this little girl.





For the Makers

Have you all heard of For the Makers? No? Well, if you’re of the DIY persuasion then, you’re welcome!

Kimmy once again clued her clueless older sister into this awesomeness. Essentially, it’s a subscription service for monthly boxes of crafty goodness. Each box is filled with materials for four projects, complete with lovely water color illustrations, and blow-by-blow tutorials. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the projects are on trend and really really unique.

The lovely ladies at FTM HQ shipped me a couple boxes to test drive and they certainly didn’t disappoint. I made this earring holder, these three pairs of earrings, this bracelet, this bracelet AND this bracelet, this key ring and I’ve still got candles, needle point and hair combs to tackle. Also, the earring holder kicked my butt in gear to finally organize my overflowing array of baubles and pretties. Double win!

And best of all, For the Makers will be supplying all of our CAMERA READY students with their own surprise boxes. Kate and I have some fun plans for these projects in class. Please join us and sign up here!

And, here’s a look at my completed projects from the weekend.

forthemakers-blogalacart-3 copy







Story Time with Sunny

Another post that will appeal to a very slim audience, but oh my goodness, I couldn’t resist sharing the full 4 minute conversation between James and Sunny on Friday evening before bed. I especially love when she gets ‘rul rambly around 2:45. And hey, I too wanted a pet Panda when I was a preschooler.






“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Sunny: This week, responded to nearly every thought with, “Isn’t that silly?” Wishing I could find the silly in life with such frequency.
Kaki: My sweet, affectionate baby. While she may be screaming and furtive one minute, the next she’ll have both arms wrapped around your neck bestowing countless kisses and coos of “Awwwwww.”

More details about The 52 Project here. To view all the portraits in the series with explanations as to why I’ll be capturing the portraits in the early morning, visit here.

Florida, pt. 2

Here are James’ pictures from the second half of our trip to Florida. While I was in Miami surrounded by a sea of blue hues (check my Instagram feed for proof), he and the girls reveled in boat rides, mini golf, trips to the play park and many a dinner out (complete with lemonade and chicken thumbs (as Sunny likes to call them)).

Since our return, we’ve been dreaming of that warm, humid air as the mucus in our noses freezes and threatens to suffocate us thanks to the -2 degree wind chill. Quite the welcome wagon, NEW ENGLAND.














Also, that face Kaki is making? That is the face that she makes with some frequency to express her general displeasure and annoyance with us silly adults. Envision an air bubble that reads, “I’m not amused. No, not in the least.”

My Mother’s Attic // 1

I’m thrilled to introduce my latest partnering with the lovely Marisa of New Dress a Day. I shared my tree skirt tutorial on her blog during the holiday season, and am excited to announce a monthly column aptly titled My Mother’s Attic wherein I shall be pulling pieces from my mother’s (grandmother’s and GREAT-grandmother’s) wardrobes and making them current. You can read all about the new column and see the full blow-by-blow (and story) about this rocking early-90s dress of my mom’s that I wore (remade) as my New Year’s Eve ensemble here.




New Year’s eve did indeed call for bed jumping. And champagne. Hope you enjoy my novice foray into sewing! Eep!