Gift Card-igans

by Ashley Weeks Cart


I wish I could buy Sunny’s teachers a car or hand them a check for $1,000,000 this holiday. I’ve always had immense gratitude for the educators in my life (my mother, in fact, is a middle school French/Spanish teacher and education has always been central to our family). But especially after the events in Newtown, I’m feeling beyond grateful and inspired by the all-too-often undervalued work of teachers. Sunny’s two preschool teachers are incredible women. They are very different personalities, bringing a balance and yin and yang harmony to the classroom. I’ve been resisting the temptation to swoop them into my arms and smother them in embraces of thanks. And James has been holding me back from handing over our savings account. Instead, these gift cards to our local food co-op, some drawings from Sunny, and a batch of homemade cookies will have to suffice for our holiday gift.


To add a bit more personality and care to the gift, I knit up these “Gift Card-igans” last night while watching Elf and other assorted Christmas movies. I love the cleverness of the name, and what a brilliant, simple way it was to use up some scrap yarn and bring a special touch to the gift cards.



I finished them both in under three hours. The pattern is free and can be found here. To those intimated by cable knitting, this is a great first project. It’s a super simple cable knit, but truly gives these little pockets the effect of a mini-cardigan.



I have a feeling that this project will surface again during future holiday seasons.


cardiganknit-blogalacart-11I’d love to hear from my fellow parents about what you gift (if anything) to your children’s teachers! And to all of my readers who are teachers, THANK YOU! Thank you for what you do for our children, for my daughters’ generation. Thank you for loving and educating our future with such care.

Also, what are your favorite gifts to receive from your students? Ideas for future years, please!!