Egg Ornaments // diy

by Ashley Weeks Cart

westelmtree-blogalacart-2If you follow me on Instagram, it comes as no surprise when I say that I am a wee bit obsessed with our daily haul of farm fresh eggs. They’re just so pretty! And the blue/green ones really are so very special. As you saw in this post, I’ve been turning them into ornaments for our household and as gifts for family and friends.

While most people probably do blown eggs for Easter, I thought it was worth walking you through the process in case you wanted to make some unique ornaments this holiday.


Needle or teeny tiny drill bit
Bulb syringe (super cheap at any drug store)
Unfolded paper clip
I used fishing line, super glue, and some sequins to then turn the blown eggs into ornaments


1. Start by washing your eggs in soap and warm water – especially if you want to cook with the yolks.


2. Stick a hole in the top and bottom of your egg using a large needle or tiny drill bit. Eggs are surprisingly sturdy, so don’t be afraid to really puncture the shell.


You’ll want to make the hole on the bottom of the egg slightly larger, so use the drill bit to widen that hole.


3. You’ll want to break up the yolk inside the egg, as that will make it easier to blow out. I unfolded a paper clip and swirled it inside the eggs to puncture the yolk.


4. Place the bulb syringe on the hole at the top of the egg and squeeze to blow the egg “guts” out of the bottom hole of the shell. It should come out relatively easily, if not, widen the hole on the bottom of the egg.diyeggornaments-blogalacart-6


5. Once the eggs are blown out, run warm water through the holes to rinse away any excess yolk. I then put them in the microwave for 5-10 seconds to dry the shells. BE CAREFUL! They’ll get hot very quickly!


6. To turn them into ornaments, I cut the fishing line, doubled it over and threaded a sequin onto both threads. I then tied a knot at the base and fed that knot through the hole at the top of the egg. I squeezed a spot of super glue around the hole to then hold the knot inside the egg and the sequin at the top of the egg/base of the fishing line.



To package them as gifts, we reused old egg cartons and Sunny decorated them with sequins.


Voila! Unique, handmade holiday gift!